[thelist] Manual ActiveX installation

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Mar 9 19:20:44 CST 2005

Are these machines internal to your company/organization? If so, you can use
Group Policy for this, e.g. to change the settings for various zones to
allow, say, signed Active X controls to be downloaded. If necessary you can
use Group Policy to add your site to the necessary zone as well.

If these are external to your organization, you will need to educate the
users in question - Microsoft have made it more obvious to end users that
they are loading arbitrary code onto their machines.


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: Hi list,
: Anybody know if it's possible to install an ActiveX control (for use in
: IE)
: manually if you have the DLL in hand?  XP SP2 is wreaking havoc on the
: installation of one of the ActiveX controls I need to deploy.  It used to
: be
: easy to install... then... well, you know.  MS helps us out again!

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