[thelist] Manual ActiveX installation

Vlad Alexander (XStandard) vlad.alexander at xstandard.com
Wed Mar 9 22:30:14 CST 2005

Hi Joshua,

Users may need to login as Admins in order to install the control.

>>what is necessary to emulate the automatic installation
>>process that normally occurs
Inside the CAB file, there is an INF file that tells IE what to do with each file in the CAB. You can't duplicate exactly the process that IE goes through because IE stores downloaded controls in a protected folder. If you do it manually, then you would need to store the DLL in a folder of your choice.


Joshua Olson wrote:
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>>From: Ken Schaefer
>>Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 8:21 PM
>>If these are external to your organization, you will need to 
>>educate the
>>users in question - Microsoft have made it more obvious to 
>>end users that
>>they are loading arbitrary code onto their machines.
> This is the case... The users in question are seeing absolutely no prompts
> to install the Control when the visit the page.  I tried it myself and I see
> the prompt at the top of the page to install the control, even in XP SP2.
> So, I'm stumped as to why these users claim to not see anything.  
> As a simple solution, I was hoping to provide the .cab file (containing the
> DLL) and a batch file to automate local installation.  As Vlad suggested, I
> could simply register the DLL using regsvr32.   The question is, though,
> what is necessary to emulate the automatic installation process that
> normally occurs?
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