[thelist] Multiple column text?

Chris Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Thu Mar 10 10:11:08 CST 2005

>>IMHO its still tyring to reproduce print on the web, but its the best
>>example ive seen yet.
> I don't see any harm in reproducing this particular aspect of print on the
> web. Designing for print and designing for web are two quite different
> fields, but that doesn't mean there aren't commonalities between the two.
> Studies have established that there's is an ideal width for a line of
> text,
> and generally it's less wide than a monitor display. The studies are of
> course disputable but I personally find that when reading long documents
> it's easier to narrow my browser window down to about 600px.

Exactly, and that is an easy task for you to perform, however for others
it might be hard to read a multi column layout because they only see a
part of the screen magnified or have problems understanding multi column

Therefore the best option is to give the user the choice.

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