[thelist] Help Finding & Fixing VBScript Error... Continued

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Thu Mar 10 13:25:15 CST 2005

    Offhand, it looks like you're trying to run a Javascript function in a VBScript environment.  Are you missing a %> tag?


From: Administrative HQ english_offline at yahoo.com


Thanks very much to Barry and Brian for the answers.

It worked. Got past that one but am getting another
puzzling error notice. This code was inserted "as is"
from one of our other pages, so it should work.

BUT, it's returning:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a03ea' 

Syntax error 

/pay_paypal.asp, line 165 

function snd_onclick() {
The code (in context) is:
159 function window_onload() 
162 //alert(document.getElementById("UsrId").value);
163 }
165 function snd_onclick() { 
166 document.getElementById("snd").disabled=true;
167 var dosub=true;
169 if (document.getElementById...Etc., Etc.
Can anybody see why this would return an error here
(especially when it works in the same context on
another page)?

Thanks very much.

--- Barry Sweeney wrote:
> Barry Sweeney wrote:
> How about:
> & Monthly & "')"

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