[thelist] Are you designing with CSS and web standards?

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Thu Mar 10 23:26:49 CST 2005

Message from Joshua Olson (3/11/2005 12:52 AM)

>I've tried to argue about "knowing CSS allows you to design within the
>limitations of CSS and make designs that are actually implementable."  After
>a lot of introspection I began to realize the fallacy of that particular
>argument... namely, it's hinders the creativity of the designer (which means
>disgruntled designer... which we don't want) and lends itself to "blogish"
>looking sites.  I'd rather have a designer puke their
>vision--unadulterated--onto the page and let the CSS guru's figure out how
>to implement it.

When I'm building a house, I'd rather have a fairly good mason, who 
understands that when you're building houses you need to leave holes in the 
wall for plumbing, rather than a master sculptor who has never even 
conceived of the notion of plumbing.

That way the plumber doesn't have to waste time banging holes in the 
unadulterated vision so I can flush my toilet.


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