[thelist] Are you designing with CSS and web standards?

Chris.Marsh at Callserve.com Chris.Marsh at Callserve.com
Fri Mar 11 05:37:58 CST 2005


> I'd rather work with the type of designer that understand that a web
> site serves a purpose, and has a function beyond providing ooh-aah eye
> candy. Of course effective visual design can help the site serve its
> purpose, but if the toilet doesn't flush...

I see your point, but I would say that it would be the job of the designer
to place the toilet in the bathroom, and the job of the developer to make it
flush; figuratively. A good GUI designer doesn't have to be aware of what
technology is going to be used to implement the GUI. A good GUI designer
would be able to design a site; or application; that could be implemented
using HTML and CSS, Flash, VB, Visual C++, or Java - given a good brief

> I personally try to stay as pure-css, standards-compliant as possible,
> given the requirements and limitations of a given project (time, money
> etc.), but maybe that just means that I'm more developer than
> designer.

This is good methodology. I am experimenting with a total style and content
seperation at the moment. I take the content, and mark it up with absolutely
no regard for presentation whatsoever. If a section of content is not in a
logical page division, then it doesn't go in a div. If something is not a
paragraph, it does not go between p tags. Once the page is marked up, I then
take a look at the page design. I use CSS to style the content, and the only
change to the markup will be the addition of classes and ids. No tags will
enter the markup at this stage.

I'm sure that it's not giong to be possible to follow this route for
absoultely everything, but I believe that this manner of working will
maximise my chances of having semantically correct, standards compliant web
sites. It seems to working well so far.


Chris Marsh

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