[thelist] array comparison question

Brian Delaney brian.delaney at mccmh.net
Fri Mar 11 07:01:03 CST 2005

This code sorta works. When you look at the contents of the array the 
records are sperated by many blank spaces.
My goal is that if the agency id in the sql record set is not in the 
arrayagencies I want to add it.
Any ides? The sql recordset has valid data without any blank rows.

DIM arrayagencies(),oldsize,varcount,iCTR,isequal
varcount = rsCount(0) ' this is a count of the records in the 
rsReportData() recordset - retrieved earlier on page
oldsize = 0
j = 0
Do While Not rsReportData.EOF

    reDim preserve arrayagencies(varcount + oldsize)
    j = 0
    Dim newubound
    newUbound = Ubound(arrayagencies)
    For j = 0 to UBOUND(arrayagencies)
         If arrayagencies(j) = mid(trim(rsReportData("AgencyID")),1,36) Then
            isequal = "true"
        End IF
    If isequal <> "true" then
            arrayagencies(newubound) = 
    End IF
true = ""
isequal = ""
oldsize = newubound
iCtr = iCtr + 1

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