[thelist] Percentage of users still on Dialup?

Greg Farries greg at mapleleafweb.com
Fri Mar 11 11:02:37 CST 2005

Amy Johnson wrote:
> Does anyone have a resource for looking at the percentage of internet
> users who are still on Dial-up vs high-speed internet?  I've looked
> through the archives but didn't see anything.  

For detailed American statistics, look no further than reports from the Pew
Internet Project - http://www.pewinternet.org/reports.asp

A quick look at their data gave me this,

51% of the 106 million American adults with home internet connections have
broadband connections. This is the first time in our data that broadband
users have outnumbered dial-up users. In fact, there are now more non-users
of the internet than there are dialup users. In addition, 72% of those with
internet connections at work have broadband ties. That means 60% of all
internet users have broadband connections somewhere in their lives. 


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