[thelist] Are you designing with CSS and web standards?

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Fri Mar 11 11:28:16 CST 2005

Message from Zug, Bryan (3/11/2005 12:38 PM)
>Also to note -- CSS Zen Garden (among others) is a good site that shows the
>possibilities -- however -- we're not going to make much progress in this
>arena until we can honestly say that many CSS designs do look like different
>versions of the same blog.
>Why that is, is debatable (Current blog popularity? Limitations of CSS
>design in it's current state?)

I think it'd make an interesting debate.

Here's my two cents in the ring. It's because for many sites, the blog 
layout *works*. It's all about putting the focus on the content, and not on 
the decorations, and getting the content online regularly in an almost 
news-like fashion.

Even sites without a full blown blog layout are starting to incorporate 
elements of it these days because it's just useful online.


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