[thelist] Are you designing with CSS and web standards?

Dave Merrill dmerrill at usa.net
Fri Mar 11 13:07:55 CST 2005

Ian Anderson wrote:
> a bunch of stuff that I whole-heartedly agree with

I'm kind of ashamed to feel that way, like it's un-studly or something, but
there you have it.

In any other context, I'd reject out of hand any coding strategy or
development platform that gave rise to such a profusion of hacks. It just
feels yucky (technical term). Is my profession really this much about
knowing which hacks work on what versions of what browsers, and how they
interact? There are always bugs and weird behaviors to work around in any
coding environment, but they're not generally so intrusive that you have to
deal with them this constantly.

Not a very ideal world, either way.

Dave Merrill

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