[thelist] FileSystemObject - mapped network drives not visible in web tool

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 13:29:25 CST 2005

Hi Joel,

Is it throwing an exception, or failing silently? What is the error 
message if any?

According to


it shows the share syntax as \\computer2\share1

C$ is a sort of vaguely secret, backdoor reference, isn't it? Could that 
be the issue?

Did you use this style of reference successfully in the first deployment?


Ian Anderson

Joel D Canfield wrote:

>Some time back I built a simple tool to monitor drive space on a couple
>servers; rudimentary, but it served our purpose. One of those servers
>was decommissioned and removed from the network, the page stopped
>functioning, and I'm just getting back to it. I've mapped two drives to
>other servers; one to a share point, the other to an administrative
>share (c$) but the page only recognizes the local drives. It's a loop,
>so the code is the same for all the drives.
>In order to touch network resources, I long ago changed the
>authentication on this page to 'basic', and I'm logging in as a network
>admin with godlike powers. The page isn't failing, it just doesn't
>recognize anything except local drives. It doesn't seem to be a
>permissions issue, because I can browse to the mapped drives using the
>same account.
>What else could it be?

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