SPAM-LOW: [thelist] FileSystemObject - mapped network drives not visible in web tool

Peter Brunone ( peter at
Fri Mar 11 13:32:27 CST 2005

   I don't think changing your login is enough.  When your script pulls up the FSO and goes looking for drives, I'm not sure it uses *your* login; maybe I'm wrong, in which case I'll offer suggestion #2.

   The drive object has a DriveType attribute which is expressed as an integer; is it possible that your code is ignoring drives of type 3 (network) or other non-fixed drives?



 From: "Joel D Canfield" joel at

Some time back I built a simple tool to monitor drive space on a couple
servers; rudimentary, but it served our purpose. One of those servers
was decommissioned and removed from the network, the page stopped
functioning, and I'm just getting back to it. I've mapped two drives to
other servers; one to a share point, the other to an administrative
share (c$) but the page only recognizes the local drives. It's a loop,
so the code is the same for all the drives.

In order to touch network resources, I long ago changed the
authentication on this page to 'basic', and I'm logging in as a network
admin with godlike powers. The page isn't failing, it just doesn't
recognize anything except local drives. It doesn't seem to be a
permissions issue, because I can browse to the mapped drives using the
same account.

What else could it be?


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