[thelist] Are you designing with CSS and web standards?

Amy Johnson amy at rocky-hills.com
Fri Mar 11 14:04:54 CST 2005

Ian Anderson wrote:

> The amount of knowledge you need to have to succeed at pure 
> CSS layout 
> is ridiculous. I am only inspired to continue because I see 
> many other 
> web designers who have seemingly persevered and achieved what 
> they were 
> after.
> Why, when you get down to it, are we bothering with pure CSS layout?

I guess I'm struggling with the same thing.  I want to do web design
right.  I've done my last three sites in pure CSS.  But it is a pain!
It takes so long to get them looking the same across all the platforms
(especially Macs).  I'll probably continue to use CSS but sometimes I am
tempted to give it up and just go back to tables so I can just get the
job done!


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