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Peter Brunone ( peter at
Sat Mar 12 11:23:25 CST 2005

Hi Mich,

	In the Photoshop pulldown menus, go to Image->Adjust->Replace
Color.  You can pick the black and replace it with your color.
	As for actually setting the color, you can just go to the color
selector and put in the hex value (I never noticed that before).

	Another way would be to just use the Magic Wand selector and
pick all the black stuff, and then just use the fill tool (although this
is pretty tedious if you have a lot of lines, which it sounds like you



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Hi all ...

I have some gorgeous B&W line art that I want to colorize for use on a
I am developing.  I know what colour I want, #E9F3DE, a pale green.
images are not transparent.  All black on a white background.  The white
background is fine for the site.  How can I change all of the black to
be the pale green that I want?

I have Photoshop 6 and Fireworks MX.



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