[thelist] Stress Test based on Logs

Peter Loron peterl at standingwave.org
Sat Mar 12 11:49:27 CST 2005

On Mar 11, 2005, at 7:58 AM, Mitchell Amihod wrote:

> Hi all.
> Long time lurker, first time ask-for-helper.
> I was wondering if anyone knows about stress testing a server, but 
> based on
> logs.
> ie: I would like to stress test a new server by duping my site to it, 
> and
> then having a program simulate the traffic from the log files for 
> February.
> I did search the list archive, but found nothing particular to using 
> log
> info to simulate traffic.
> Any help/info about tools you have used to do this would be much
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mitch

I've never heard of such a beast, although I'm sure one could bee 
written. I'm guessing that you want to simulate previously experienced 
load with a new design? Probably your best bet would be to analyze the 
logs from whatever time period you're interested in to get information 
like peak usage, and then set up your load program to mimic that load.


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