[thelist] Multiple Templates vs Multiple Style Sheets

Dave Merrill dmerrill at usa.net
Sun Mar 13 08:29:35 CST 2005

Hi Rachell,

Some ideas:

- Use global styles that apply to all nav manus, showing them in their
"closed" state, and a separate class that can be applied to "open" menus.
Then each page could just use the class "menu_open" (or whatever) where and
when it's needed.
  I realize that in a way, that's not following the philosophy of purely
structural markup. Still makes sense to me, and it's simple.

- Give the body element on each page a unique id or class. That lets you
have one global stylesheet, with some rules that apply only to specific
pages. If you have a ton of page-specific stuff, this can get unwieldy, but
just the few nav items probably isn't too bad.
  Here's some example info:

- If you don't know ColdFusion, PHP, ASP or some other server-side language,
you may want to learn one. That gives you the ability to build pages on the
fly out of collections of reusable parts, and/or modify their content on the
fly, using any logic you like.

Dave Merrill

> I put all of my designs into DreamWeaver templates for ease of
> updating, and
> am currently using 5 different templates because each one represents a
> different section in our site.  Now I need to implement a change
> to certain
> pages which would mean 5 more templates for a total of 10.
> However, I just figured out a way of using only 1 template, but it means
> using 10 style sheets instead of the 1 I have now.
> So my question is: Is it better to have 10 templates or 10 style sheets?
> Rachell Coe
> Webmaster
> King Estate Winery
> 541-942-9874  Ext: 136
> http://www.kingestate.com

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