[thelist] Safari and cursive fonts

Emily Tarrant emily.tarrant at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Mar 13 10:01:39 CST 2005

Can any of you Mac users help me? I've recently bought a Mac laptop for 
browser testing purposes but am still very unfamiliar with the operating 
system as I am usually a PC user. (Love my Mac though!)

Is there any reason why Safari won't display cursive fonts for me? I've 
tried stating just cursive in my styles, as well as some specific fonts 
such as Apple Chancery, Zapfino and Comic Sans MS. The only font it will 
display is Comic Sans (which I don't want!). For all the others it 
displays a plain sans-serif font. I definitely have all the fonts on the 
computer as they display fine in Firefox. I've read somewhere that the 
default cursive for Safari should be Apple Chancery - which I've found 
that it is for Firefox. So, what's going on?

I've just downloaded and installed the most up-to-date version of 
Safari, but that's made no difference.

Any suggestions?

Yours hopefully...

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