[thelist] IIS returns 404 if .ASP page contains VBScript

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Mar 13 22:27:12 CST 2005


So, are you saying now that ASP files are still 404 if they contain VBScript,
but if they only contain HTML (and have a .asp extension) you can access them
using your browser?


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: Ken, (everyone)
: It turns out I was wrong about VBScript being the issue.  (Looked that way
: by
: coincidence.  Duhh!)  It also turns out that I can't find the pages in
: question
: using the Windows Explorer's search command.  As I had recently turned on
: Indexing Service, I tried turning it back off.  (And rebooting)  This
: corrected
: Windows Explorer, but not IIS.  Now I'm wondering if there's a connection
: between IIS and WinXP Pro's Indexing Service.
: > Do you have a custom 500 error page configured?
: > Is it possible that it can't find this 500 error page?
: I doubt that's the issue.  Looking under my Default Web Site Properties,
: on the
: Custom Errors tab, I find Error 500 set to Type=default,
: Contents="Internal
: Server Error".  I assume that means "No".
: The pages in question work on our production server; it's just my computer
: that
: fails.
: > What do you IIS logfiles look like for the requests in question?
: The only line that has to do with my most recent attempt to display this
: page is
: this:
:, -, 3/13/2005, 18:26:50, W3SVC1, ED,, 16, 433, 4226,
: 404, 0,
: GET, /scripts/EmailPopUp.asp,
: recipient=Bicycle+Touring+Committee&Referrer=SectionsGroups/SectionsGroups
: .asp|-
: |0|404_Object_Not_Found,

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