[thelist] Iterate through result set - Is this possible? (SQL)

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue May 31 05:42:59 CDT 2005

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: Subject: Re: [thelist] Iterate through result set - Is this possible?
: (SQL)
: Ken Schaefer wrote:
: > Hi,
: >
: > Your current requirements are ambiguous (because you can 
: > have multiple events that have a start date > 7 days 
: > after any given event start date)
: Yes I understand this, but I need the first available 7 day gap for a
: given hall, not a listing of all the events whose gap is 7 days or more.

You can't "select" a 7 day gap. You can only select existing data. 

I think you want to find, for a given starting date (e.g. today), two
consecutive records where:
a) the EndDate of Record1 is at least 7 days before the StartDate of Record2.
However you still need to define "consecutive" (etc)
b) the EndDate of Record1 is after today's date

But I am not sure. That's why I'd like you to clarify what you want.

: > Can you post a set of sample data, and what your expected output is? If
: you
: > can provide that, then we can write the necessary SQL (if it's possible)
: to
: > generate the output.
: I'll have to get remote access, but I'll post as soon as I can get it.

Just make up some data, eg:

Field1	Field2
1             a           
2		  b

Field2     Field3
1             c
2             d

1            a
2            b
1            c
2            d



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