[thelist] ColdFusion 4 -> 6 migration tips?

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Tue May 31 12:54:39 CDT 2005

There's a good chance you'll have no problem.

> as every CF person I talk to just shakes their head when I ask them how
> likely it is the code will "just run" on a CFMX 6 server.

It depends on what the code does.  If the site's doing simple includes,
queries and  results pages you might not need to change anything, if you do
then the code checker will pick these out and a global replace or two will
fix it.

If however the code is a labyrinth of structure-query juggling and sorting
with knobs, bells and whistles you could be in for a rough ride.  The code
checker will pick out the problems but you could need to rethink how the
code works.  In this case you will need a CF bod to fix it . As it's a high
traffic site you'll probably want to optimise the code a lot anyway.

You biggest problem though could be custom tags and any possible tags
disabled  for security reasons.  Different hosts allow some or none of

Tip: set up your development server identicle to the target production
server ( goes without saying :)

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