[thelist] Server-side spam blocking (independent app)

Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 00:29:31 CDT 2005

On 6/1/05, Tyme <newsgroups at no-pun.com> wrote:
> Hello, all.
> I have just changed web hosts.  While they do run Spam Assassasin for
> general spam flagging, unfortunately, they do not offer any type of client
> (me) custom email filter controls, such as the IF-THEN available with IMail
> (or SmartMax).  I made good use of these with my other host.
> Yes, of course, I use Outlook Express rules, but these do not keep certain
> emails from being downloaded from the server.  (I got one "friend", who will
> not remove me from his mailing list, who sends emails with large
> attachments, which choke my dial-up connection.)
> This is a longshot, but: Anyone know of any 3rd party (free?) add-on
> application that I might be able to run from my control panel if my host
> would agree?  [Have no idea what and how it would work.]  I have shared Win
> (IIS 5) hosting.
> Else, I'll have to remove that email address from Outlook accounts and read
> messages through webmail.  A great inconvenience, as this email account is
> my main personal email account.

You can use Procmail to forward messages to /dev/null based on headers
(like, the From: header, to get rid of your messages from your

google: http://www.google.com/search?q=procmail&btnG=Search

It's really easy to work with. If your host has it available and you
need some help, let me know.

Matt Warden
Miami University
Oxford, OH, USA

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