[thelist] Ecommerce for the rest of the world

Mike evolt at muinar.com
Wed Jun 1 00:39:34 CDT 2005

Hi all

Is it a fact, that US customers are much more willing to buy
from the internet than others? Why is that so? Or, why is that
so on this site?

If you go to http://www.flash-sounds.com/ and scroll down to the
very bottom of the page, you can see where paying members are
located. See the difference btw USA and the rest of the world?

o       In USA, people are more used to buying things with their
         credit card. There are countries like Germany, where most
         of the people don't have a credit card.
o       French speaking people don't buy anything from sites that
         don't speak French to them (The site is in English and
o       US people are more used to buying things over distance.
o       Europeans are more reluctant to give away their card number.

Flash related reasons:
o       There might be more Flash designers in USA than elsewhere
         (The site is about sound f/x for Flash movies)
o       US customers request more sound f/x from their designers

I'm interested in your opinions and experiences!!



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