[thelist] Are there any security leaks of HTC's

Mark Groen markgroen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 01:42:58 CDT 2005

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Subject: [thelist] Are there any security leaks of HTC's

Hi everyone,

Do you have any web site / reference on the security leaks of
Microsoft's (sigh) "HTC components" ?

I've googled around but couldn't find any satisfactory answer.

Are there / have you experienced any security leaks (I've heard that
there are, but cannot find anything) or are they innoncent ?

You may be googling for the wrong term as htc is used for a lot of acronyms.
Try DHTML security instead.

(February 15, 2005)

For myself, I keep up with the patches from M$, (still using Win98,
happily), so javascript holes aren't a concern. Some clients want their
png's and hovers to work, and htc gives you access through javascript to css
behaviors and image filtering that you can't get otherwise for IE.

I'm thinking the answer is: yes, if you aren't patched and using IE then you
could be abused.




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