[thelist] defined table width and accessibility

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Wed Jun 1 10:59:59 CDT 2005

aardvark wrote:

>that depends... where the images are essential to the understanding 
>of the content (or in those cases where the images *are* the content -
>- as text-as-gif copy, for example) this is a problem... i was at a 
>site last night that (sadly) set all its copy in images... i was also 
>reading an article on alzheimers (can't remember where)[1] where the 
>diagrams were very interesting to see, and without them it would have 
>impaired my ability to understand some of the article...
>IOW, developers need to not just *insert* content, they need to 
>*understand* it so they can handle for these exceptions in their 
Yes, that's a good couple of examples where simply scaling an image is 
not enough for the content's meaning to be available. Interesting stuff. 
A pretty good argument against setting text as images...

>erm, lemme figger out how to get screen caps out of it...
Cool - I for one would be fascinated to see how sites really look in 
such devices



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