[thelist] Site Review - http://wizardev.ca/

Michele Foster - WizarDev michele at wizardev.ca
Wed Jun 1 13:37:11 CDT 2005

Hi all ..

I have *finally* finished my business site ... it's only more than a year
over due ... ok, make that a few years.  :)  What's that saying about the
shoemaker's children going barefoot?

Anyway .. I would appreciate any comments or feedback that you may have.  Be
it on the design, organization, writing style, content,
accessibility/usability, whatever.  Good, bad and ugly comments appreciated.
This list has historically been know for providing very useful and
constructive criticisms.

My goal was for this site to be a comprehensive reflection of the work I've
done, and can do.  I wanted to have something that I'd be proud to share
with others.  :)

So, here it is ... http://wizardev.ca/

Looking forward to comments,


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