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Wed Jun 1 14:49:42 CDT 2005

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> Michele Foster - WizarDev wrote:
>> So, here it is ... http://wizardev.ca/

> Michele, I really like the site. It is certainly well done. I do have a 
> couple of recommendations for minor changes. I would remove the top and 
> bottom margins and make them 0px instead of 10 px. I didn't examine your 
> stylesheet that closely, but I'm sure you've written it well there, too.

TYME} Was thinking that it wanted for a wee bit more top/bottom padding.
> I'd also take out your Résumé page. It just doesn't fit there. You're 
> already using the rest of your site to showcase your talents. The résumé 
> seems redundant and unnecessary.

TYME} I would agree.  When you are promoting your own business, Portfolio 
(or Projects) seems more appropriate for showing your stuff than a resume. 
Save that for trying to land a staff job somewhere.

> Also, Portfolio might be more appropriate than Projects... but that's just 
> semantics.
> If you ignore all my comments, it's still a good site :)

TYME} It is a beautiful site!  Very clean, stylish.  Bright, vibrant. Love 
the shorter flower graphic at bottom to give nice balance.  ...Great example 
of how CSS can be used effectively. 

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