[thelist] Site Review - http://wizardev.ca/

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Jun 1 16:36:56 CDT 2005


to start with, I too do love the looks of the site, very easy for the 
eye, yet stimulating.

To continue with something helpful, I had a closer look at the copy - 
I'm not native English speaker though, so please just ignore any 
comments not making sense or being foolish :-)

And beware, I go to fairly fine, even anal points (I'm a tad bored and 
there were no major points to pick :-)

On the introduction page, in the first paragraph, the abrupt change from 
third person to first feels a bit clumsy. How about along these lines 
"Welcome to WizarDev! I'm Michele Foster, a web developer based in 
Ottawa, and on this web site I showcase my professional work."

"For more than seven years, I have been designing and developing 
professional ..." would IMHO be enough on either Service or Projects, 
not necessarily both - could give the visitor spooky deja vu... (oh, and 
I'd drop the comma from "...seven years, I have...")

On Services page:
- "not-for-project organizations" should probably be not for profit
- I'd write there "easy to use" instead of "easy-to-use"
- again mixing first and third person: "solutions provided" could be 
just "solutions I provide"

Didn't read the resume, as I agree with others the it'd be best left out.

On Privacy Policy page:
- "so that i may respond" needs capital I
- and to my ear "may" indicates some uncertainty, as if you may respond 
if you feel like it - I'd write "so that I can respond" (this goes for 
the contact page too)
- "A cookie is not set on your machine." - maybe rather: "No cookies are 

The site map is missing the pages for individual projects - I would love 
jump directly to them.

There were some smaller points too, but I'm not that bored nor anal :-)


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