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bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
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thanks for the reply. so you're saying that flash/java could be used.. hmmm
but flash would have to be loaded on the user/client system/browser.. for
that matter, so would java..

do both these approaches allow a user to 'interact' with the
app/matrix/image, so i can determine where the user is pointing/clicking
within the 'image of dots'?



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On 6/2/05, bruce <bedouglas at earthlink.net> wrote:
> i have no idea how to create this kind of app, or what technologies should
> be used. any ideas/thoughts as to how i might/should approach this? it
> be that hard. i was thinking that a combination of advanced jscript and
> ability to determine the actual coordinate location of where the user
> selects within the matrix...

When I worked in a perception laboratory, I used Flash to publish web
versions of our experiments (for demonstration purposes). You could do
it with Javascript, but I think using Flash or Java would present much
fewer headaches, especially in trying to control browser differences
(which, if you are actually doing an experiment, would be important to
avoid problems with external validity).

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