[thelist] defined table width and accessibility

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Thu Jun 2 09:27:04 CDT 2005

Stephen Rider wrote:

> Beyond the aforementioned Small Screen mode in Opera, which directly  
> invokes the same rendering as Opera creates on small screen devices,  
> there are also Palm emulators you can use to see things on that  
> platform. <http://www.palmos.com/dev/tools/emulator/> 

Yes, well. It's a bit of a faff, isn't it? I had to register on the 
site, then figure out that you need to download not just the emulator 
but also the skins  - not to mention ROM images,  which are on a 
separate download page not linked from the first one.

Now the emulator is running, but the default installation does not 
appear to have a web browser. Thanks, mate.

Anyone any idea where to get web browsers for testing on Palm emulator, 
and how to install them?



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