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Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Thu Jun 2 10:47:14 CDT 2005

On Jun 2, 2005, at 9:27 AM, Ian Anderson wrote:

> Stephen Rider wrote:
>> Beyond the aforementioned Small Screen mode in Opera, which  
>> directly  invokes the same rendering as Opera creates on small  
>> screen devices,  there are also Palm emulators you can use to see  
>> things on that platform. <http://www.palmos.com/dev/tools/emulator/>
> Yes, well. It's a bit of a faff, isn't it? I had to register on the  
> site, then figure out that you need to download not just the  
> emulator but also the skins  - not to mention ROM images,  which  
> are on a separate download page not linked from the first one.
> Now the emulator is running, but the default installation does not  
> appear to have a web browser. Thanks, mate.
> Anyone any idea where to get web browsers for testing on Palm  
> emulator, and how to install them?

Here I thought I knew my Brit slang -- had to look up "faff".  (I had  
a pretty good guess, though!)  ;)  In answer to your question: "Yes,  
it is."

All my personal knowledge of the emulator is a bit dated, so things  
may have changed some since I last used it.  Here goes...

First off, the "skins" are totally unnecessary - they are just  
pictures to make the emulator look like a particular model Palm.

In essence the emulator works exactly like a real Palm, which means  
that you're meant to install things onto it by "syncing it" with your  
computer as you would a physical unit.

Fortunately, there are "easy install" programs for Palm that should  
also work, and avoid the need for full syncing and the trouble of  
setting up Palm Desktop and all....  Try pinstall: <http:// 
www.iupui.edu/~mtrehan/palm/pinstall.html>  There are others out  
there as well.

There are a few web browsers for Palm.  For free you can try Avantgo,  
though I believe that would require you to set up yet another  
account.  :\   An additional note about Avantgo is that it is an  
offline browsing program meant primarily to download sites during  
sync and use when you're offline.  It can do "live" browsing as well,  
but I've never actually done that as my Palm doesn't have wireless.   
I have never used a different browser on a Palm, so I can't recommend  
one, but they are out there. Check <http://www.palmgear.com/>, or of  
course Google.

To install Avantgo and again avoid the hassle of doing a full sync,  
you can download the "other OS" version of the software, which is the  
lone Palm program in a .zip file -- which you can install using  
pinstall or whatever.  The Windows download is an executable that  
sets up a bunch of other stuff on your desktop machine.

A lot of fuss and bother, and of course you'll just be looking at one  
particular browser on one particular handheld OS.  To be honest, If I  
didn't own an actual Palm, I probably wouldn't go through all the  
trouble, (though this _does_ all work after you get it all set up!).

When I want to see a site in "nonstandard" browsers, I currently  
check it using Lynx (text only), and Opera's "small screen" mode, and  
on my Palm via Avantgo.


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