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Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Thu Jun 2 10:49:20 CDT 2005

   Well then, the way I'd probably do it would be to create a 2D array of dot/circle data, and then use that to render a table (hold your flames, please!) with an image in each cell.  When the image is clicked, you can store a value in a hidden field (multiple values could be a delimited string) and post the whole thing back to the server.

   This of course assumes Javascript availability, but the rest of it is pretty basic.

 From: "bruce" bedouglas at earthlink.net


sure, and thanks for the reply!

basically, i'm looking at at creating a kind of test app that will allow me
to create a matrix (5 x 10, or whatever) of dots/circles on the server side.
i want to then display this matrix as an image to the user. i'd also like
the ability to be able to move/place the matrix at different locations
within the client browser/space for the user.

i want to allow the user to select/specify a series of dots/circles within
the matrix. i then want to be able to display the original dot/cirlce
pattern, while i determine how quickly the user is able to discern the
pattern from the dots if i move/reorient the entire matrix.

i envision that the user will have IE/Firefox/Mozilla... so for a test, it
can be pretty straightforward..



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Can you tell us anything about the browser base of your target audience?
Many people have answered based on their speculations to that end, but if we
had more concrete knowledge of the client environment (browser
brand/version, javascript/java/flash availability, etc) we might have better



From: "bruce" bedouglas at earthlink.net


i'm trying to find out how to accomplish something, and i haven't found a
solution. so i thought maybe someone here might have an idea!

i'm thinking of creating an app where i create a matrix of dots/circles. i
then want to be able to display/present this matrix to a given user where he
can select various dots/circles, or the pattern of the circles/dots. i'm
thinking of a basic kind of game/experiment for spatial recognition.

i have no idea how to create this kind of app, or what technologies should
be used. any ideas/thoughts as to how i might/should approach this? it can't
be that hard. i was thinking that a combination of advanced jscript and the
ability to determine the actual coordinate location of where the user
selects within the matrix...

as i said, i really have no idea as to how to accomplish this!

any comments/thoughts/opinions/etc...


bedouglas at earthlink.net

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