[thelist] Security problem using ASP.NET and MySQL

James Hardy evolt at weeb.biz
Thu Jun 2 12:36:04 CDT 2005

Casey Crookston wrote:

>I'm new to using MySQL This project is too big for Access and the "free"
>aspect of MySQL was very inticing.  I'm still just trying to get the
>connection figured out.  MyODBC is installed on the server and the DSN has
>been created.  When I push the TEST button in the Connector/ODBC window on
>the server it comes back positive.  While in development, the database has
>no password.  For whatever reason, it keeps telling me my access is denied.
>I would assume the problem is the lack of a password?  So my question is, 1)
>Does the password need to be set on the database, on the DSN, or both.  2)
>If the database or both, how do you set a password in a MySQL database?
> <snip code>

It will initially need to be set on the server. MySQL Administrator[1] 
is a good way of doing this. Once you have set a password for user 
"myuser" you will need to add that into your connectionstring on the line
 "PASSWORD=;" & _
you appear to be using a DSN-less connectionstring so you might as well 
delete the DSN to avoid confusion.

[1] http://www.mysql.com/products/administrator/

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