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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Thu Jun 2 16:30:33 CDT 2005

Message from Brian Cummiskey (6/2/2005 04:11 PM)

>To play the counter point on a couple items here....
>M. Seyon wrote:
>>First off, the compliments, that it's a lovely site, great use of colour. 
>>Purples really are unusual, so it does stand out. And the flowers in the 
>>header are a wonderful touch.
>What if I was looking at having a sports or beer site (or some other 
>"manly" topic) made?  The purple and flowers would probably turn me off 
>instantly, and i'd look for someone else who is less "girly" or "springy" 
>for lack of better terms.
>It's your choice on who you target, of course.  IMO, it would be 
>1800-flower's dream designer, but espn would probably shudder and move 
>on.  So, the question remains--  WHO or what group are you trying to 
>target with the purple and flowers?  If you feel that this will target the 
>desired clients, by all means.

Brian I'm disagreeing here. I don't see purple and flowers meaning that 
Michele is all about being girly and springy. I see her effectively 
combining those two elements, graphic and colour. And I have no doubt that 
if the topic in question were basketballs and shades of orange, she'd come 
up with something just as effective.

I agree with most everything else you had to say. But that's probably 
because you were agreeing with me in the first place :p


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