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: >- excel is not a database and it's not scalable. It's a performance
: >nightmare AND a data nightmare
: >- Scalable means *not* Access, *not* Excel, probably not PostGres, and
: >maybe not MySQL.
: Access works upn to approx. 40,000 entries. Up to that point it works fine
: and it is much easier than amy SQL database.

Access doesn't support transactions, doesn't have full ANSI SQL 92 support,
doesn't support many levels of transaction isolation, has poor support for
statements stored in the database itself, correlated query performance tends
to suck, and so forth. In essence, it's a single-user desktop database

Determining whether to use Access should not be decided on how many records
are being stored in the database, but to what *use* the DB will be put to.

: For your environment Oracle is probably best.
: Oracle is over kill. Do not use an electric knife to 
: cut you butter. Use Oracle ONLY if you have multiple 
: sites, have many variations in how data is
: entered and need to be standardized, and if you 
: have lots of $$$$. Otherwise
: use MS SQL or MySQL.

Please - use Oracle or SQL Server if you need an enterprise DBMS, that
supports enterprise level features (data partitioning, transaction support,
advance query optimisation engines, high availability via clustering and so
forth). How many sites you have is irrelevant in choosing a DBMS. How much
scalability and robustness you need, and how you use it are your prime
considerations. mySQL is simply not in the same league as SQL Server or

: >- A database that is "flexible enough" means reasonably normalized to
: >the DBA and unreasonably normalized for the programmer.

Notwithstanding your use of ALL CAPS, your comment doesn't make sense.


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