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> : scalability and robustness you need, and how you use it are your prime
> : considerations. mySQL is simply not in the same league as SQL Server or
> : Oracle

Yes i agree and you are right. Mysql is not in the same league as Oracle...
but as i have seen in practise companies choosen Oracle and payed a huge 
license for that
even when running some fine and heavy used sites or systems did not really 
use Oracle
to its even "low potential" .... and that was in the end also admitted by 
the Oracle expert who
they contracted.... they had a far to basic dbase and functionality 
need....but the senior companie advisor
liked bigger and rougher more than keeping a close look at the budget..and 
have a not to bad idea about mysql and other dbase systems.
This is not about Opensource software usage or  not by the way... but where 
A argument from one side might be high server and license costs
with the use of Oracle for instance ,,, the side that is in favour of this 
Oracle solution tend to underestimate the power of mysql these days.

Another thing is maybe: see what will be the the main cause of having a 
bottleneck somewhere on A database...
Is it the Queries you have to do all the time when visitors start to browse 
the website?
GOOD and CLEAN programming in this and dbase structure is vital.... badly 
written queries create problems on any
 dbase as far as i know.
Caching of common dbase query outputs can ease some pain i think and if i 
read well Clustering is available as is stored procedures in the latest
mysql server.


And please read: http://www.mysql.com/products/maxdb/  and on....
MaxDB is a heavy-duty, SAP-certified open source database for OLTP and OLAP 
usage which offers high reliability, availability, scalability and a very 
comprehensive feature set. It is targetted for large mySAP Business Suite 
environments and other applications that require maximum enterprise-level 
database functionality and complements the MySQL database server.

and more........for instance : Scales to database sizes in the terabytes 
and has proven to do it well!
When companies like Deutsche Post is happy to use it with their SAP 
implementation i do not think there will be a whole lot of
arguments left, alltough there still are ofcourse, against choosing Mysql as 
your dbase.

> : Yup, good example here of the differences:
> :
> : http://www-css.fnal.gov/dsg/external/freeware/mysql-vs-pgsql.html
> :
> : cheers,
> :
> :         Mark
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> Interesting document. It doesn't list support for High Availability (HA)
> though, which is certainly a requirement for enterprise use. Both Oracle 
> and
> SQL Server support clustering, and replication between geographically
> dispersed servers. I'm not aware of native clustering support in mySQL.
> Cheers
> Ken
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