[thelist] Advice for ecommerce noob?

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 07:00:17 CDT 2005

Hi folks,

I would greatly appreciate advice on building a shopping site for a 
client. I am an experienced ASP developer, but I haven't done online 
transactions before.

I am building a bespoke shopping site, and hoping to use a hosted 
payment processing provider for the financial transaction part.

1. Can anyone recommend payment processing providers that they have 
worked with and found to be reliable, that integrate with hand-written 
checkout process? UK preferred.
2. Can anyone share tips on good practice for setting this up?

The model I am considering is:

1. Products database and shopping cart written by hand, hosted on 
regular hosting
2. Account creation/checkout order processing written by hand, hosted on 
regular hosting but SSL
3. Credit card details part of checkout handled by provider on their 
server, using template provided by me, SSL; returns confirmation and 
authorisation of CC transaction to my site
4. Order confirmation etc written by hand, hosted on regular hosting but SSL

My priorities are security for customers and reliability for my client. 
Hope this makes sense - any suggestions/comments gratefully received!

Best regards

Ian Anderson

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