[thelist] Help with Database

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 3 10:04:21 CDT 2005

Hi, all

There has bee a lot said about this and it has all been pretty much right.

Now, let's get back to real issue - that, let's remember the question. As 
Mark said,

>But, aren't we talking about a fairly small application from the original
>poster and the types of queries would seem to be of the sort that could be
>written to take little resources, with not *tons* of data crunching, but
>lots of plain calls that MySQL's multi-threading should have no problems
>with as long as the hardware keeps up.

In five years, the app might need Oracle on multiple servers and several 
high-priced programmers. But for now, only get what you need (perhaps times 
2 for expansion). Grow the resources as the income and need grow.

It sounds like MySQL has, or can made to have, all that you need for right 
now. If it works, this is a very good way to begin.


ps: to the one that complained about caps, sorry 'bout that. :-)

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