[thelist] Site Review - http://wizardev.ca/ (Safari Problems?)

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Fri Jun 3 11:08:46 CDT 2005

>>Not just for Safari. The first time I viewed it in Firefox, the CSS
>>did not render. I'm using Win2k/FF1.0.4 then.
> Ouch, this is not good.  I'm not seeing any problems here .. same set-up as
> you, but perhaps I'm not cleaning my cache completely.

I remember reading something on thelist before about how browsers 
usually download pages in specific-sized chunks, so it helps to have the 
stylesheets appear in the first chunk that would be downloaded. Sorry 
that I can't be more specific, but hopefully this will jog someone 
else's memory and they can provide details. Anyway, I'd say try moving 
the <link> tag up in your markup to see if it helps.

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