[thelist] flash video not displaying on browser preview

John Corry lists at neoncowboy.com
Fri Jun 3 13:31:20 CDT 2005

WinXP/Mozilla 1.0.4/Flash Player 7,0,19,0 

When I went to Videos.php, there's a link to a video:
A Day in the Life July 2005

test video <- link
(best for broadband Internet connections)
(best for dial up connections)

When I follow the link it goes to a .swf file and plays the video.

Is it troubling to anyone else that the head of the school 'safety & health'
committee is about 100lbs overweight?

<tip type='php'>
An awesome tool for browser/capability detection in php is phpSniff:

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> Hello,
> I have added two .flv files to my page and inserted them in 
> Dreamweaver by going to insert>media>flash video. The videos 
> show up as being there (DW WYSWIG preview) and code is all in 
> place etc. When I view in a browser though, nothing shows up, 
> just a blank space. I can view source and see the code for 
> the video there, but no video. Is this an adjustment I need 
> to make to the server? (in this case windows
> 2003 running IIS 5.0).
> if anyone can help me and needs to take a look the url is :
> you will be prompted to login
> username: administrator
> password: dpsweb#55
> Thanks in advance to any assistance that can be given!
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> ::Bruce::
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