[thelist] Link status changes after a page loads? Apple.com example

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>    If you click on this link ( http://tinyurl.com/7t7ol ) you will
> notice a menu on the left and content on the right.  If you click on
> link on the left, *after* the page loads on the right, the link turns
> bold.  Like an addional indicator that the page is done loading.
>    At first I thought this was a just a:visited thing.  But on all the
> pages that I know of, the link changes color immediately, not after
> page linked has done loading.
>    Very neat, but how did they do it?  Maybe I'm missing something

You are missing that the page is framed, or that the menu is using


Seems like a lot of work to me... much easier to simply make it bold
right away but it is a neat effect. Seems there should be an easier way
to do that tho...something like using the servers' http request to know
which page you're on, then simply apply the style for which ever element
with a delay via onload().

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