[thelist] javascript debug (easy)

Tyme newsgroups at no-pun.com
Sat Jun 4 23:28:45 CDT 2005

Okay, I suck at JS...and, yes, I know that this is simple.  But, I have 
stared at it so long that I cannot see what is wrong.  (Is opening the order 
form window no matter what.  Want it to open order form only if confirmed. 
I have also tried it in the reverse -- giving the false condition first.)

Thank you.

<p align="center" class="center">
<b>[<a href="https://boomersrentals.c2.ixwebhosting.com/orderform.asp" 
target="_blank" onClick="openOrderForm(); return false" title="Online 
ordering reserved for weekly rentals only.">Online Order Form</a>]

>From external .js file:

function openOrderForm(){

var agree=confirm("Online ordering is reserved for weekly rentals only. 
Please phone for daily orders. Thank you!");

IF (agree == true)


return true;


return false;

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