[thelist] [OT?] getting ssi to work on iis

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Sun Jun 5 20:03:43 CDT 2005

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: Subject: [thelist] [OT?] getting ssi to work on iis
: How can i get ssi to work using Windows 2003 and IIS. 
: After delivering a website that uses server-side includes 
: for the navigation to a client (that worked fine on my 
: linux server), i get an email from said client that the 
: menu system doesn't work (they get some sort of error 
: message...not sure what the error is)
: In WebService Extentions, Server Side Includes is enabled.
: What else needs to be done to enable server-side includes?

That is all that is required to enable SSI.

Suggest you get the actual error message from the client, otherwise all we
can do is speculate as to the what the possible error is (it might have
nothing to do with the SSI bit at all). One thing I can think of: parent
paths may be disabled, in which case the ../ syntax (to move up a folder) may
not work if you are using path= rather than virtual=


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