[thelist] Back up WSFTP Pro Settings

Vicki Frei vkaryl at allvantage.com
Tue Jul 26 22:44:46 CDT 2005

If you're on a Windows XP machine and moving to same, you can use the Files
and Settings Transfer facility, making sure you indicate Files not just
Settings, and being sure to include WS FTP Pro.  I don't remember that I had
to do anything more involved than that to set up WS FTP on my laptop with
settings etc. moved from my desktop - but I didn't really keep detailed
notes, stuff just works like it's supposed to....
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From: Rich Points
Date: 07/26/05 21:38:29
To: thelist
Subject: [thelist] Back up WSFTP Pro Settings
I've used WSFTP for years and have always had one problem with it.  As
far as I can tell there is no way to back up and/or transfer the
settings.  Does anyone know how to back these seatings up and transfer
them to a different machine or the same machine after a format?
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