[thelist] I need to email SEO Ranking Reports

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Wed Jul 27 00:16:08 CDT 2005

> I'm looking for a tool that will produce a SEO Ranking report that can 
> be emailed either in HTML or as an attachment.  (Most that I've seen 
> produce web-based reports.)
> Any recommendations appreciated.

Internet Business Promoter is windows desktop software that produces HTML/Word or PDF reports

I have also used WebCEO, and I think it does the same thing.

Also, a web-based report __is__ something that you can email.

<tip title="archiving web-based reports in Word" author="Stuart Young">

The two easy ways of getting something out of a website and into an email are be Selecting the page (or just the report component of it) and Copying it and then Pasting it in a Word doc, usually the formatting and images are transferred properly to the Word doc.

Alternatively you can save the page (save as webpage, complete) to the desktop and then open the saved webpage in word and then save it as a Word doc. Depending on the complexity of the web design, it can either look exactly like the original page, or with some layout or positioning differences, anyway, it does successfully transfer all content, images and formatting to Word as well.



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