[thelist] dedicated server hosting

Rick Faaberg rfaaberg at comcast.net
Wed Jul 27 02:50:58 CDT 2005

On 7/27/05 12:26 AM "Mattias Thorslund" <mattias at inreach.com> sent this out:

> Here is "yet another" solicitation for opinions on hosting providers...
> Do you know of any reliable hosting provider that can do the following?
> What I need:
> Linux dedicated server, with some choices as to size, bandwidth etc.
> MySQL 4.1
> Apache
> PHP 4.3

You might check out GoLiveHost:


I'm not affiliated, and everyone I've sent to GLH has been impressed I'm
pretty sure. 

I have a couple of small websites there and have zero complaints and in fact
support, when I needed it, has been excellent.

They also have Virtual Dedicated Servers and dedicated servers which I guess
you would be interested in.

Tell them I sent you! :-)


Rick Faaberg

c. support

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