[thelist] dedicated server hosting

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Wed Jul 27 05:14:17 CDT 2005

Robert Gormley wrote:
> Mattias Thorslund wrote:
>>Hi folks,
>>Here is "yet another" solicitation for opinions on hosting
>>providers...  Do you know of any reliable hosting provider that can do
>>the following?
>>What I need:
>>Linux dedicated server, with some choices as to size, bandwidth etc.
>>MySQL 4.1
>>PHP 4.3
> Be /very/ careful looking at dedicated hosting providers - I've seen,
> and experienced, several who offer root access, but no compiler is
> installed or installable, etc etc.

We have 5 boxes with ev1 (ev1servers.net) and are happy with their 
service.  They give you full control over your server, and support all 
major platforms and hosting control panel software.

The default installs do not come with the latest version of everything, 
but you can install your own packages.  Also, some control panel 
software install their own version of popular software (such as MySQL) 
so if your control panel supports MySQL 4.1 you are good to go.

We choose to manually update PHP and MySQL on our servers, so its not an 
issue for us.

Hope this helps,

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