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Dave.Phillips at alltel.com Dave.Phillips at alltel.com
Wed Jul 27 06:29:51 CDT 2005

I'd stay away from 1and1.com.  I hosted with them once and it was the worst experience I ever had in regards to support.


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Mattias Thorslund wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Here is "yet another" solicitation for opinions on hosting
> providers...  Do you know of any reliable hosting provider that can do
> the following?
> What I need:
> Linux dedicated server, with some choices as to size, bandwidth etc.
> MySQL 4.1
> Apache
> PHP 4.3
Be /very/ careful looking at dedicated hosting providers - I've seen,
and experienced, several who offer root access, but no compiler is
installed or installable, etc etc.

Media Temple I'm looking at right now - more expensive, but I've never
heard a bad word, and some high profile sites - sent through a request
asking about this... 4 hours ago now - still, midnight local time.

If you don't /really/ need such a provider, check out a2webhosting, who
have mysql 4.1.9 installed, php 4.3/5.0+mysqli, ssh access. I currently
use the reseller packages, but I note they also have dedicated services.


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