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Dave.Phillips at alltel.com Dave.Phillips at alltel.com
Wed Jul 27 10:21:46 CDT 2005

My experience:  I moved from datapipe.com due to INCONSISTENT support.  Some days they were good, others they were bad. We had dedicated servers and still didn't always get good support.  


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> Hi folks,
> Here is "yet another" solicitation for opinions on hosting 
> providers...  
> Do you know of any reliable hosting provider that can do the 
> following?
> What I need:
> Linux dedicated server, with some choices as to size, bandwidth etc.
> MySQL 4.1
> Apache
> PHP 4.3
> I've already contacted (by email) rackspace.com, 1and1.com, 
> and hostik.com with the request above, and had no response 
> from any of them, in 24 hours.  None.  I'm disappointed, and 
> surprised. I thought bad customer service happened only after 
> you became a customer.

Woo - that sucks!

Try www.datapipe.com - we have a fully managed Wintel server through
them - their service and support are fantastic!

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