[thelist] VBScript/ASP string concatenation problem

Chris at globet.com Chris at globet.com
Wed Jul 27 12:32:59 CDT 2005


> I'm using the fileSystemObject to check to see if a PDF file 
> exists. The path to the file is dynamic, based on a number of 
> fields in the db query.
> I'm trying to assign that dynamic path to a variable but am 
> having problems contatenating.
> fsPath= "documents/aldermen/agendas/" &
> Year(DetailsRecordSet.Fields.Item("eventDate").Value) & "/" & 
> Details.RecordSet.Fields.Item("committeeCode").Value & 
> fncFmtDate((DetailsRecordSet.Fields.Item("eventDate").Value), 
> "%b%d%Y") & "agd.pdf"
> The above returns an Object required: " error.
> I understand why its generating the error but not how to 
> properly contatenate the strings and values together. Any 
> help or pointers to documentation or how-tos on the web would 
> be greatly appreciated.

The ampersand is a concatenation operator on strings in VBScript. Thus,
you require each of the component parts of the following representation
to be strings.

fsPath = [path]/[year]/[committeeCode][eventDate][suffix]

In this case, you could try something along the following lines:

Dim strPath
Dim strYear
Dim strCommitteeCode
Dim strEventDate
Dim strSuffix

strYear = CStr(Year(DetailsRecordSet.Fields.Item("eventDate").Value))
strCommitteeCode =
strEventDate =
strSuffix = "agd.pdf"

fsPath = strPath & strYear & strCommitteeCode & strEventDate & strSuffix

This should make it easier to work on, and will also give you a more
accurate idea of exactly where the error is being generated. 


Chris Marsh

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