[thelist] FileExists problem [WAS VBScript/ASP string concatenation problem ]

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Wed Jul 27 13:47:22 CDT 2005

> Ron, break it out.  it will make life much easier.

Ah, good advice. Made things much clearer for me so that I could spot the
stupidity of my error, that being an unneeded period in the committeeCode



> so, upon easy looking...  is there supposed to be a / between the 
> comitteeCode and the eventDate:

No, the committeeCode is the beginning of the file name. So the file names
end up looking like "cowJul52005agd.pdf".
Josh, you asked:

>I must ask... why are you using the _complicated_ method to access values?
>Is there a reason you don't use this syntax?

Just ignorance on my part in conjunction with being a web department of 1
:-). I am not a schooled programmer, which I'm sure shows. Actually, after
this site is launched, I will hopefully be taking some ASP.NET classes with
the goal of converting the site over to that technology eventually.

Thanks for the help and hints!


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